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Using Technology to Boost Meeting Bookings: Leveraging Online Platforms

The use of tools and technology can make a huge difference in planning and executing successful meetings. Whether you’re looking to save time, money, and resources, or boost meeting bookings. Leverage online platforms to increase engagement and collaboration.

Many businesses think that their booking system has almost no effect on their productivity and business growth. On the contrary, using technology is no longer a nice to have for your business but a must-have. At times, manual bookings can become a time-consuming and tedious process. Regular phone calls, emails, calendar updates, and other follow-ups can make the process exhausting and inefficient. In order to keep up with competition, it’s necessary to optimize your digital strategy as the pandemic continues to drive digital transformation. 

Ways to Leverage Technology for Your Business

With everyone accustomed to working in remote environments, businesses no longer need a centralized location to find success. Utilizing the right IT tools can help you meet customer demands faster, reduce wasteful spending, deliver faster, and stay agile in an ever-changing environment. One of the biggest consumer trends in 2023 is the ever-growing need for personalized experiences. Potential clients are no longer ready to get settled for one size fits all services. 

Optimize Business Processes 

As your business grows, you will notice you and your team are spending a lot of time on mundane tasks. One of the areas in technology that can support growth is optimizing the day-to-day running of operations. As a growing business, consider implementing customer applications to boost meeting bookings and optimize business processes. Additionally, communication is now also equipped with data-based insights, which will help you optimize operations and save business money in the end. Steps involved in process optimization 

  • Identify the issues
  • Reconsider your strategy
  • Analyze the expected results 
  • Implement the new strategy 
  • Automate the process
  • Monitor in real-time

Real-time Data Analysis

In this data-driven world, where the success of any business heavily relies on numbers and data, real-time data analysis is the best way to boost meeting bookings. You can use MS Power BI, Tableau, Splunk, or Qlik Sense to collect real-time data in your business. According to a survey by CGOC, more than 50 percent of data collected in a day will lose its value at the end of the day. Trends change rapidly and if you’re using last month’s data to make a decision for a current problem, you might draw an erroneous conclusion. Use of real-time data analysis can help businesses earn a competitive edge in different industries. 

Cybersecurity Improvement

Cybersecurity is a never-ending race. Traditional cybersecurity has come under scrutiny in today’s dynamic economic, social, and regulatory environment. In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats, business practices established when data, applications, and other IT elements resided within a company’s four walls are no longer sufficient. According to a survey, the global economy will lose around $10.5 trillion to cyber attacks by 2025. 

Data Visualization

When starting a new business, data sets can seem like an alien language. Thanks to modern data visualization tools, mountains of raw data can be converted into actionable insights. For instance, a nationwide retailer might look at a map of customers by geometric location and realize they’re seeing a decline in the order of shoes from a particular location. With this information, they can retarget their marketing strategy and look for ways to sell more. 

AI/ML to Manage Business Variability

To increase the speed of operations and boost meeting bookings there’s a need to switch to AI/ML. It will reduce inefficiencies, optimize resources, reduce costs, and increase productivity. AI algorithms can handle big data, allowing analyzing and strategizing to anticipate caprice. Daily planning decisions can be easily automated to ease out complex operations with flexibility. AI/ML also allows businesses to get a 360-degree view of their operations. 

Online Platforms to Boost Meeting Bookings

Businesses are now incorporating cutting-edge technologies including – ML, AI, and IoT. They have moved the majority of dependencies from offline to online systems. With the growth of the online client base, each business is investing in advanced marketing services to earn significant admiration. In any case, the best online meeting bookings platform should create a professional image for your business while simplifying the booking process.

Appointment schedulers are web-based business tools that allow users to book, reschedule, and cancel bookings through a web surface. A great booking platform should be flexible, have online calendar sync, offer integration with third-party tools, and add weightage to your business. 


Picktime has all the amazing features mentioned above, and even more. It’s a simplified cloud-based appointment scheduling software. Beauty, Education, Sports, Medical, Art, Entertainment, Restaurants, Official, Fitness, Personal Events, and others – Picktime can serve all industries. 

It offers a customizable booking page with a unique URL and a book now button for your website. Picktime has rated the best in serving the happiest customer by G2, Capterra, and Crozdesk. It’ll send automatic reminders of booking (SMS & email) with all the required details. Picktime has a user-friendly interface that can be accessed from multiple locations 24/7. With Picktime users can have an effortless and secure payment process. Just integrate with any – PayPal or Stripe. The booking forms feature will give you the advantage of collecting information about your clients. With automatic timezone conversion, it offers a secure database.  

Managed resources, online calendar (Apple/Google/Outlook), end-to-end reports, dashboards, business overview, customized email, merge contact, recurring bookings, round robin, waitlist, and the list goes on. Sign up now for free to discover more. 

And wait, did we mention that Picktime users can also leverage integration with other business tools to boost meeting bookings. Video Meetings, Calendars, Booking Widgets, Email Marketing, CRMs, Contacts, and many others. 

While there are endless options available when it comes to technology, the key to success is leveraging online platforms and implementing the right tools for your unique needs. As the world is rapidly becoming digital, it’s time you level up your booking system. Use the above-shared tools to foster an environment that encourages collaboration and accelerates growth.



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