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Here are all the requirements for installing photovoltaic solar panel

Nobody likes paying high – sometimes very high – electricity bills. At the same time, however, nobody wants to do without all the comforts guaranteed by electrical devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and so on. At the same time, then, certain awareness is finally growing that yes, even our electrical system pollutes, as it is powered by networks that still largely rely on polluting thermoelectric plants. These are, therefore, the two main reasons why more and more citizens are thinking about photovoltaic panels and energy sustainability. But do they really always agree? Solar companies in Australia So what are the requirements for installing photovoltaic solar panel?

The photovoltaic solar panels

Panels, nowadays, are certainly the best devices for creating your own electricity in an autonomous, sustainable and convenient way. But in order to really benefit from it, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Before investing your money in the installation of a domestic photovoltaic system, therefore, it is advisable to check the points that we are going to list one by one Best solar panel company in Australia . So as to be sure of being able to take advantage of the undoubted benefits of solar energy for the generation of electricity for our home and perhaps even for our electric car .

The requirements for the installation of photovoltaic panels: consumption

Even before looking at the characteristics of your roof and its surroundings, the first of the requirements for installing photovoltaic panels must be checked sitting at your desk, calculator on one side and electricity bills on the other.

In other words, therefore, it is necessary to calculate whether one’s own consumption is such as to really push towards a long-term investment such as that of photovoltaic.

Let’s give an example:

let’s imagine an apartment where only one person lives who comes home only in the evening, and who in fact only uses their home to eat a quick dinner, and sleep, perhaps entrusting the laundry to the laundry under the house. Well, in that case consumption would most likely be so low as not to justify – at least for now – the installation of a photovoltaic system Solar Panel in Australia.

What’s the perfect solution?

Experts say that the perfect system is the one that annually produces what consumes the house that uses it. Certainly these are only averages, but in general it should be considered that an average domestic. Photovoltaic system in Southern Italy produces around 1,500 kWh per year . While in the North this figure drops to 1,150 kWh.

Obviously among the requirements for the installation of photovoltaic panels. There is the effective presence of sufficient space for the installation of the components. Plants of different power and with different panels occupy different surfaces. But in general it can say that the most common of the plants – namely the 3kW one – requires about 15 square meters of solar panels with an average yield. It must also take into consideration that the space required is greater when it comes to flat surfaces Solar Panel in Australia. In these cases the panels need to mount in spaced rows so as not to shade each other – which cannot happen on normal pitched roofs.

Beware of shadows, of any kind

There are two types of shadows that threaten the effectiveness of photovoltaic panels. Those close by, derived from chimneys and antennas. And those far away, due to taller trees than the house or other buildings Best solar panel company in Australia.

The orientation of the solar panels

When it comes to installations on flat surfaces, obviously, it is possible to orient the panels as desired. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with sloping roofs. The orientation of the roof wing is one of the requirements for installing photovoltaic panels. Perfection is obviously an orientation towards the South. Even if it must says that even the intermediate orientations between. East and West are not to discard, albeit with 10%, 15% or 20% lower yields. On the other hand, exposure to the north should be completely exclude.

Other requirements for installing photovoltaic panels

Among other requirements for installing photovoltaic panels is the inclination of the solar panels. Which must be between 0 and 45 degrees, with the optimum at 30 degrees?

It should also not forget that the altitude of a plant also has consequences on. Its real yield and on its choice. A higher area corresponds to a higher risk of heavy snowfall. And if it is obvious that, if covered with snow, solar panels cannot work properly. It is equally clear that an important mass of accumulated snow can damage unsuitable Solar Panel in Australia.

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