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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Dunlop Tyres

Their Tyres has come a long way since their humble origins as bicycle tyres manufactured by business founder John Dunlop. They have won some of the most important motor races in the few years since they started. 

Although the behaviour differs slightly, it is currently a division of Goodyear Australia. By the way, if you only think about tyres, you will certainly think of several phrases like sports. Yes, their tyres are dedicated to manufacturing high-performance tyres. Its extensive involvement in motorsport has resulted in the development of flexible compounds for road tyres that perform magnificently in both dry and wet conditions. 

Although it has developed some of the most durable tyres on the market, it was a lengthy process. When John Boyd Dunlop first began producing bicycle tyres, he employed a revolutionary process to bond liquid rubber to canvas. Later, these tyres were employed in bicycle events, where they handily trounced the competition. The firm soon began producing automobile tyres, among other things. With a lengthy racing heritage, it has made it a goal to create exceptional driving experiences.

Up until now, the company’s culture has been formed by its imaginative and entrepreneurial beginnings. As a result, it seeks to provide the most innovative and imaginative tyres on the market. 

So, what makes these tyres the best?

Engineering of tyres

It is very important  to select a set of new car tyres that match your vehicle. There are tyres that are best suited for off-road, daily usage, and speed, for example. Tyres that are used for purposes other than those for which they were designed may be less durable and hence have a greater cost of ownership. their tyres distinguish themselves from the competition in several areas, including the following:

Noise-cancelling technology

They insert specialist noise-cancelling foam into the tyre’s inside surface, improving driving comfort by lowering internal noise by up to 50%. This feature is critical since it increases driving experience without compromising performance. 

Touch Technology by Dunlop

It has unique touch technology and is intended to deliver the best stability and traction possible. Drivers should expect better road feel, smoother steering, and less aquaplaning.

Are these tyres of great quality?

It is one of the world’s greatest and most recognizable tyre companies. In 1889, John Boyd Dunlop established the firm in Birmingham, England. The brand is now owned and operated by a variety of companies throughout the world, including the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why are their tyres so expensive?

In general, the materials used to make premium tyres are of greater quality than those used to make budget tyres. These materials, such as synthetic rubber and unique reinforcing materials, are more expensive to produce but provide superior handle, grip, and durability, as well as a longer lifespan.  

Why should you buy these tyres?

it provides a wide range of specialised tyres regardless of the vehicle a driver employs or the terrain they travel on. The company product range includes the following items:

  • Grandrek is intended for trucks and SUVs.
  • Direzza’s high-performance summer tyres
  • A sign of constantly comfortable driving
  • Graspic is a winter tyre with excellent snow grip.

Let’s look at some of general pros and cons of Dunlop tyres:


1. Excellent Grip: These tyres are known for their exceptional traction on both dry and wet roads, providing a reliable and safe driving experience. And thus you need not to worry about changing tyres with the changing weather conditions. 

2. Handling and Performance: Many Dunlop tyres are designed for high performance, offering responsive handling and enhanced cornering capabilities.

3. Long-lasting: Dunlop tyres are often durable and have a good lifespan, which can result in cost-effectiveness in the long run.

4. Comfortable Ride: Some of its models prioritise comfort, reducing road noise and providing a smooth and hence, the noiseless experience. 

5. Versatility: It offers a wide range of tyre options for various vehicles and driving preferences. Be it All season tyres or performance tyres, Dunlop has a solution for all of it. 


1. Price: Compared to some budget tyre brands, Dunlop tyres can be more expensive, particularly for high-performance models.

2. Treadwear: Depending on the specific model, some Dunlop tyres may have a slightly faster treadwear rate, which means they might need replacement sooner.

3. Winter Performance: While some Dunlop tyres perform well in winter conditions, others might not offer the same level of traction and grip as other winter tyres.

4. Availability: In certain regions, finding specific Dunlop tyre models can be more challenging compared to more widely available brands.

Keep in mind that the performance and characteristics of Dunlop tyres can vary depending on the specific model and intended use, so it’s essential to consider your driving needs and consult with experts before making a purchase.


Dunlop tyres are often more expensive than many of its competitors since they are a well-known, high-quality brand. But you can be sure about the quality and longevity of their tyres and you cannot complain about purchasing these tyres as a bad investment. 

This is shown by the fact that their cheap Tyres is the only manufacturer with a 5-star rating for complete satisfaction. According to the reviews available online, It excelled at stopping power, dry and wet weather handling, and wet weather handling.



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