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What is the Best CIPD Qualification to Have? A Complete Guide

If you are thinking about starting a career in HR or the L & D area of the field, you possibly have heard of the CIPD qualification. These are among the most common qualifications which employees in the sector search for when it comes to hiring suitable applicants for their jobs.

But then which one you must select? And how must you go about selecting the qualifications which you desire to study? So I have done some research and come up with this complete guide to CIPD qualifications.

What is CIPD?

The CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. So it is mostly a professional membership association for bosses working in HR and the people growth sector.  The aim of CIPD is to fix professional standards of quality for the firm by executing independent research and providing professional qualifications. CIPD has almost 150k members globally and it focused on the UK, Ireland, Asia, and the Middle East. So as a result, CIPD qualifications are broadly famous with bosses all across the world. 

What are CIPD Qualifications?

So how many types of CIPD qualifications? And what kind of qualifications are fit for specific positions. Happily, they all are organized in a pretty easy way. Thus there are three types of CIPD qualifications that the body provides for HR and L & D experts.

  • CIPD Level 3 foundation certificate
  • Level 5 Associate Diploma
  • Level 7 Advanced Diploma

CIPD level 3

This is a basic level of CIPD qualifications. The focus of its on people who are carrying the first stages towards s career in HR and L & D. So it is a basic CIPD qualification which aimed to offer you a great grounding in a subject which you will apply to shape your career. It is well an effort on teaching you real-life skills that you may utilize at work while you are studying. Thus level 3 is a great way to obtain your foot in the people profession and as well a great starting point for future HR chances.

CIPD level 5

The Level 5 Diploma carries your learning to the future next level. It is a middle qualification, the focus of its on HR and L & D experts who have little related work experience and awareness of the sector. As well they are searching to grow into more senior’s roles, such as managers, analytics, and directors.

CIPD level 7

The focus of its CIPD qualifications is on senior HR and L & D experts such as the head of the department and directors. This kind of qualification is aimed to boost your strategy and management skills. As well as boosting your skill to plan a course for your business in a modest world. 

5-Step Guide to Selecting Which CIPD Qualifications is Suitable for You

What Do I Want Out of this?

So basically you need to think about which CIPD qualifications will fit your career. Or to express another way, what do I want to succeed in my career? As well how will this qualification aid me to reach that?

What Skills Am I Missing?

Many CIPD qualifications comprise unique subject areas. Thus do not only do one thus you may stick it on your CV. Even though it might be enticing to go for a course that contains an area you are already relaxing with. But then you may succeed in high scores, so you need to become honest yourself and find out which area you need to develop the most.

Note: If you need any kind of help regarding CIPD essays or assignments, or you have a tough schedule. Then you may search and find the best CIPD assignment writing help in Dubai as per your needs.

Where Do I Want to be in the Next 5 years?

This is more or less surely a question you have always trained into you right the way from completing school. But then it’s only as related to selecting which CIPD qualifications you want to do as it is for your broad career.  So, if you want to rise onto the career ladder, which CIPD qualifications will you require for the dream job in the next 5 years? You need to plan the future. Suppose you have obtained the time now. It is a great idea to obtain a qualification under your tie as soon as possible.

Will My Company Help Me?

Few firms enable you to take study days for the purpose of obtaining specific qualifications. Mostly if they are a need for a job. But then not all will. So you need to search what is your company’s policy on this. Because it will have an effect on how you study for CIPD qualifications and where.

There are plenty of universities you may study for CIPD qualifications, like London Metropolitan University, Manchester Business School, Middlesex University, and Liverpool John Moore’s University. These courses offer full-time, part-time over-distance learning in a block format or mixed mode.

Am I Dedicated to My Job?

This a question is which you must possibly be asking yourself anyhow. But then mostly related to the CIPD.  CIPD qualifications are long-term dedication, and they cost a lot of money. You need to ask yourself: It is worth it?  So, if you are planning to remain in HR for a lot of years prior to progressing on to another field?

It is based on the mode of study, provider, and if you plan to go full-time or part-time. The cost of CIPD qualifications is almost 4200 pounds plus VAT for an advanced level certificate. As well as almost 8000 pounds plus VAT for the advanced level diploma. But then there are other providers who offer loans and interest-free payments for plans.


Hence it is clear that CIPD qualifications will support you to grow into your career. It does not matter how experienced you are. As well you can talk to your colleagues, peers, and friends and talk to your manager about which CIPD qualification you should select. You need to obtain their opinions on what is crucial and what the qualification includes.



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