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2022 toyota tacoma double cab-Capabilities

2022 toyota tacoma double cab- Which Tacoma is Edmunds’ top pick?
We advise the TRD Off-Road trim even if you don’t do much off-roading. It provides you with several contemporary conveniences, such as keyless entry and ignition, heated mirrors, and, of course, improved off-road capability, while keeping the price within a manageable range. The 4X4 Trail Edition is also something to take into consideration for people who desire their truck’s options to be more utilitarian or who simply enjoy the cosmetic upgrades.

Models of Toyota Tacoma

Six model levels are available for the Toyota Tacoma, a midsize pickup truck: SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro. A 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque is standard on the SR and SR5 models. A 3.5-liter V6 with 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque is available as an option for those models and is standard on all others. Although the entire lineup typically comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, some grades also come with a six-speed manual transmission with the V6.

Other options include a crew cab (Double Cab) with a 5- or 6.1-foot bed or an extended cab (Access Cab) arrangement. Most models come standard with rear-wheel drive, with part-time four-wheel drive an option.

Value 7.5/10

The Tacoma’s value for money? For your money, you get a lot of sturdy trucks and a bed with lots of standard safety and cargo-handling features. In the TRD models, the value equation is very strong. The construction quality is excellent, and Toyota vehicles are renowned for their mechanical toughness. Despite the lackluster warranty coverage, you do receive two years of no-cost routine maintenance.

Wildcard 8.5/10

The Toyota Tacoma is a right-sized pickup truck that delivers pleasure. Unlike sticker packages that have been inflated by marketing blitz, its TRD off-road options are the real deal. The buying public has reacted to this vehicle with fierce loyalty, and it has also caught the eye of the aftermarket, which is supporting it with a variety of goods that allow for various levels of modification. The Tacoma is a fantastic pickup truck for people who want the appearance and feel of an off-roader even if they won’t ever get it dirty because it’s also simple to drive and reliable.


The SR, the group’s work truck, introduces itself with:

sixteen-inch steel wheels
a back window that slides
heated and power-adjustable side mirrors
A hard composite bed that doesn’t require a bed liner
Cleats for a moving bed
remote for locking/unlocking a car (V6 only; Convenience package is available for four-cylinder vehicles to add this feature)
Automatic dual-zone climate control (only for V6)
the touchscreen of 7 inches
audio system with six speakers
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Satellite radio

  1. USB ports
    Internet hotspot

The base Tacoma additionally includes the following list of driving aids:

In some situations, forward collision mitigation (which alerts you to an approaching collision and applies the brakes)
Lane departure warning (which warns you if the car starts to veer off its lane)
adaptive cruise control (holds a gap between vehicles determined by the driver)


Most non-commercial buyers will find the SR5 a little more tolerable. Its enhancements include:

Alloy wheels (only for V6s)
exterior trim in chrome
remote for locking/unlocking a car
Rear window with power sliding (only for V6 Double Cab)
(Only for V6) Power-adjustable driver’s seat
(Only for V6) Auto-dimming mirror
a steering wheel covered in leather
the touchscreen of 8 inches
Numerous option packages are available for the Tacoma SR5, including the following:

Package for Dynamic Navigation (only for V6)

navigational aid
Rear parking sensors (which warn you of potential impediments behind the vehicle when parking)
(V6 only) Technology Package
Rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring (warns you if a car is in your blind area during a lane change or when reversing)
Trail Edition (only for V6 Double Cab)
All-terrain tires on wheels in the color bronze.
0.5-inch and 1.1-inch suspension lifts in the back
Front grille with bronze writing in the traditional style
exterior badging in black
distinct seat trim
Weatherproof floor mats
bedside 120-volt outlet
Locking the nightstand

Sport TRD

Of the off-road 2022 toyota tacoma double cab, the TRD Sport is the least aggressive. All non-optional features listed above marked “V6 only” are standard here because it is powered by the V6. Additional to the SR5 features, it includes:

17-inch rims
athletic suspension
Cap scoop
Warm mirrors
The 120-volt outlet in the bed, body-colored rear bumper, and fender flares.
Keyless ignition and entry (only for automatic transmissions)
(Only for Double Cab models) Power sliding rear window
Pad for wireless charging

The TRD Sport is offered in a variety of packages and stand-alone options, many of which may be combined. In a nutshell, these are as follows:

electronic package
rear cross-traffic warning with blind-spot monitoring
sensors for rear-parking
bundle with premium audio and dynamic navigation
JBL premium audio and navigation system
Package for premium sports
front chairs with heat
Leather furniture
bundle of advanced technology
360-degree video system (for tight parking spaces, offers you a top-down picture of the Tacoma and its surroundings)
LED headlamps

Off-Road TRD

Similar to the TRD Sport in terms of equipment, the TRD Off-Road also has real off-road performance components. Upgrades consist of:

16-inch rims
removes the hood scoop on the Sport
metallic rear bumper
Black fender flares with a texture
ejects the front air dam
rear differential lockable
Shock absorbers by Bilstein
Advanced off-road traction control system with rock crawl and several terrain settings (4WD only)
The options packages for the TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road are largely equivalent. To fine-tune the Tacoma’s position off-road, the Multi-Terrain monitor includes front and side view cameras.


The 2022 toyota tacoma double cab Limited mostly includes upscale amenities. With the exception of the sport suspension and hood scoop, it has most of the TRD Sport’s kit. Also included are:

alloy 18-inch wheels
LED headlamps
grille in silver
Leather furniture
JBL audio equipment
navigational aid
rear cross-traffic warning with blind-spot monitoring
sensors for rear-parking
a system with a 360-degree view
The Nightshade Special Edition package is the only noteworthy one in this group. Added is:

wheels coated in black
parts of the external style in black, such as door handles and mirror caps


The top-of-the-line Tacoma, the TRD Pro, gets substantial off-road equipment. The TRD Pro complements TRD Off-Road gear by adding:

16-inch TRD wheels with all-terrain tires are coated in black.
raised angles for approach, break over, and departure
suspension designed for off-road use with Fox shock absorbers
LED headlamps
grille in the traditional style with black writing
Cap scoop
more robust front skid plate
modernized exhaust
Off-road camera system called Multi-Terrain Monitor
customized leather upholstery
JBL audio equipment
navigational aid
rear cross-traffic warning with blind-spot monitoring
sensors for rear-parking



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